Beating the Back to School Rush

23 Oct 2018

Let’s face it – back to school 2019 is something most of us will only really think about either late in 2018, or a day or two before school starts in the new year.
It’s known as the ‘back to school rush’, where frantic moms and dads across the nation descend upon shopping centers and school uniform outlets trying desperately to get the last few items on their child’s itinerary for the new school year.

To prevent this January madness, we suggest following a phased approach to reduce the stress of back to school 2019:

Take the Stress Out of Back to School 2019

1. Start Planning Earlier
We’re into the fourth and final school term of 2018.
Ask any teacher and they’ll tell you – it’s a short one! Before we realise what has happened it’ll be the last day of school and December holidays will be upon us.
So, consider preparing for 2019 by making contact with your children’s teachers between now and the year-end shutdown.
Find out if there’s anything coming in 2019 that you need to prepare for, like saving for school excursions or a new type of calculator the maths teacher has requested.
Speak to your kids about what their plans are for next year. If they’re looking to try another sport, find out what kit they’ll require and get pricing from the uniform shop.

2. See What You Need
This phase of reducing the back to school 2019 stress is all about taking stock.
As parents we are often left in the dark when it comes to our children’s stationery, uniform and equipment for extra-mural activities.
We know well that our child will only tell us their rugby jersey is torn the day before the new season starts – even though the jersey tore half a year ago.
So, take inventory of everything your children use at school. Clear the lounge floor and lay out school uniforms, sporting gear, stationery, etc.
Write down any shortages so that you know exactly what to order for back to school 2019. Once you have a list, you can move on to phase three:

3. Order in Advance
Like schools, many retail outlets close shop in December and open their doors again one week before school starts in January.

This is when so many parents do the bulk of their back to school planning and buying, but due to the high demand for items of stationery and uniform – these stores run out of stock pretty quickly.
Luckily, some of these stores run back to school specials in November and December.
Not only does this allow you to get your kids’ school essentials well in advance, but you’ll get them at reduced prices!
So, the final phase of planning for back to school 2019 is to take advantage of year-end specials and order what you need in 2018.

By first investigating what your children need for the new year, then taking stock of what they have and what they need, followed by ordering these needed items in advance – you can greatly reduce the stress of back to school 2019 and every school year to come!

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