Birthday Theme Ideas for Kids Parties

23 May 2019

Birthday Theme Ideas for Kids Parties

Struggling to think up kids birthday party themes that you know your little one will love? For parents, coming up with theme ideas is not always as easy as it seems. Your child may be going through a superhero phase one moment, only to suddenly be loving something completely different the next moment. With that said, there are a few ideas that will never get old. To help you plan a party to remember, here are some of our favourite kids birthday party themes that are sure to appeal to boys and girls of various ages.


Tried-and-Tested Ideas for Kids Birthday Party Themes:

Some of the most classic kids birthday party themes that never seem to lose their popularity throughout each generation include the following:


Under the Sea

Although this theme is especially perfect for warmer month birthdays, it remains one of the most popular themes for all kids. The beauty of this theme is that it is gender-neutral (or inclusive) and flexible. Many girls will, of course, want to feature mermaids in just about everything from the cake to the invites and the dress-up costumes. But there are also many other marine elements that can be used – starfish, sea castles, seaweed, fish, crabs, fishing nets, and dolphins or even sharks are just some examples. Ask your child what their favourite sea animal is and then let your imagination go from there.


Pirates Ahoy

Boys will certainly love any excuse to run around with cardboard swords and eye-patches. These parties are popular with girls, too. One of the great things about pirate parties is the games that can be planned. Organise a treasure hunt, with smaller rewards along the way for every clue that is guessed. Plan a treasure chest cake to enjoy after the hunt, with plenty of gold chocolate coins to go around. Include eye-patches, vintage-style invites, pirate hats, and other fun elements to further add to this theme.

Forest Fantasy

This theme will be loved by boys and girls alike. Transform your garden into a forest, with forest creatures such as owls, hedgehogs, bears, foxes, and birds abounding. Plan a forest themed cake and organise games such as hide and seek, pin the tail on the fox, and guess the animal sound. Depending on your child’s age, you could also include animal masks for an added element of mystery. Food and beverages can also be planned to add plenty of greenery (while sneaking in healthy snacks).

Many parents end up finding that planning their child’s birthday party can be a huge amount of fun. Look online to get inspiration, talk to your little one to get their input, and think about how you can make the party memorable.

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