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Childhood rooms. Think playful furniture providing endless fun and floor space with all the possibilities for activities. Yes, these are essential to crafting the ultimate play space. The key to making this all work? Organisation. Tackle the age old challenge with these kids room storage ideas and watch their space evolve from awkward to awesome.    Get the mess conquered and cured with fun furniture We always want to make better choices and stay

Shouting “Listen to your mother!” doesn’t always work on children – we’re sure you will agree. Setting up a star chart can be an effective way to teach your child respect, responsibility and patience – not to mention reduce your load of household chores. You can use the star chart to encourage older children to assist with more complicated chores, like washing the dishes and putting plates in the dishwasher. And

With the kiddies at home with you for the foreseeable future, it’s important to ‘lock down’ a homeschooling routine. Your kids will still need academic stimulation to keep up with the school year, so that when they return, they are up to date. But this academic stimulation will be different from what they’re used to. Being home-based and learning through primarily online means may require some adjustment for your little ones.

Spending lots of time at home? Your little ones might be getting a bit restless, especially if they’ve run out of fun things to do. But we’ve got good news – there are so many simple and creative ways you keep your kids entertained. And we don’t mean plonking them down in front of a screen. Here are just five of the many fun activities for kids you can introduce to

Every parent knows how hard it can be to wake kids on chilly winter mornings. If your little one is battling to leave their warm and comfy bed to get up for school, you may be wondering how to make the process easier to avoid delays. Today, we've got some surprisingly simple tips that should get even the grumpiest of grumps out of bed to face the new day. Keep reading to find out how to

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