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Fun and functional kids room storage ideas

Childhood rooms. Think playful furniture providing endless fun and floor space with all the possibilities for activities. Yes, these are essential to crafting the ultimate play space. The key to making this all work? Organisation. Tackle the age old challenge with these kids room storage ideas and watch their space evolve from awkward to awesome. 


Get the mess conquered and cured with fun furniture

We always want to make better choices and stay on top of tidying. Having a system makes almost anything and everything streamlined, even in the midst of playtime. We broke down the fundamentals of storage space basics to formulate a fail-proof guideline that you can apply to both kiddies bedrooms and playrooms. These kids room storage ideas are a sure way to make the most of any floorplan, while still providing oodles of fun.

Doubling function with kids room storage ideas

The first step to tackling a playplace is to maximise purpose and function. If you can take any piece of furniture or storage unit and pair it with a dual function, you are already winning. We would like to introduce the concept of ‘toyception’. If you can think back to the film Inception, this is the very same principle of having a dream within a dream – this time it’s a storage dream. We suggest simple solutions with objects you may already have in the house.



Have a beanbag serve not only as a comfy chair, but also plush toy storage. Have a large zip sewn into create easy open and stow options for kiddies to play, then tidy their fluffy toys into a fun sitting arrangement (they will be more keen to tidy up if it means they can nap on it afterwards). 


When you see a dollhouse with all those compartmentalised rooms, they really are just humble shelves in hiding. Have that dollhouse turned into a storehouse by designating areas for the dollies accessories or other items. Who said a large dollhouse couldn’t just be a whole shelving unit? Whimsical genius. 

Play kitchen as stowaway area

Put the ‘kit’ in ‘kitchen’ with the same dollhouse principles applied here. All those nooks and crannies can double as sneaky storage. You’ll never look at the mini cupboards, fridge and oven the same again.  


Reading between the lines never got more literal. Take the wonders of reading and transform a bookcase into a bench. Simply turn the unit sideways and place cushions on top to create a fun seating area. Make sure the new units’ position is sturdy for little bottoms to sit on by securing it against the wall if needed. Make use of the space underneath and store extra cushions for relaxing during reading time. 


Old objects, new looks

Think of all the tricks to a tidy space? We’re putting a spin on these preloved pieces. The key here is to make use of the same item, but in a new and accessible way for you and your tiny tots. 


Give the sentiment of a nostalgic yesteryear feel with old, classic trunks. Stack them to create a tiered shelving space or also just serve as novelty toy chests. This look adds instant adventure to any space.


The old hutch in your storage finally has a new purpose and life in your childs room. This piece works twofold: stow clothes in the lower drawers and display toys on the upper shelves. Drawers, display, hooray!


A dresser’s full potential is waiting for discovery in the nursery.  Use the drawers for clothes or toys, but also as a changing unit. Cover the top with a foam pad and use the surface as a changing station. Keep baby’s nappies and toiletries handy in the drawers below. 

Spice shelves

Spice up the playroom! Take these mini shelves and mount them at kiddies eye level for a fun book display. Scatter them at different levels for a fun and decorative approach. 

Coffee table

When kiddies are full of beans, opt to meet them halfway. A coffee table’s low top provides surface area for tiny tots to play. Use the areas underneath to store toys and stationery, doubling the unit as a craft crate and desktop for drawings. 

Think outside the closet

Reimagine a closet space by making it an art piece. Feature wallpaper on the back wall and open up the doors to introduce a welcoming space. Alternatively, add extra square meterage to the room by removing the doors and making a play nook, a hiding place or add shelving for more open storage space.

Go vertical: maximise space with kids room storage ideas 

Showcase and store

Choose cubbies as a fun and accessible way to separate and organise toys. You can choose to have each cubby marked with their own stickers or labels for extra fun. Feature a standing clothes rack for play clothes and colourful costumes to add to the room’s charm. Raise the roof on play time with a heightened bunk bed. A higher standing bed reclaims the space underneath as a new territory for desk space, play or even a fun cave. Attach a hanging cloth to frame the opening and add a throw rug and cushions for instant inside camping. 

Wall hooks and pegboards galore

Take a tip from the tool shed and have items fastened to the walls. Think more than just hanging an item or two on a hook – make removable wire baskets as a catchment for smaller items or chalk for a childrens chalkboard. Mount a fabric shoe rack on the back of doors to keep dolls, games and knick-knacks within reach. 


Keep it clear for playtime cheer

The rule for all kids room storage ideas: accessibility and convenience, but most importantly, putting the fun in function. For further organising and labelling needs, look on our online store to help you keep things tidy.

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