Homebound? Try these 5 fun activities for kids

21 Apr 2020

Spending lots of time at home? Your little ones might be getting a bit restless, especially if they’ve run out of fun things to do. But we’ve got good news – there are so many simple and creative ways you keep your kids entertained. And we don’t mean plonking them down in front of a screen. Here are just five of the many fun activities for kids you can introduce to your household. 

Exciting home activities children will love:

1. Build a fort out of blankets

What do kids love more than anything else? We would have to say make-believe, imaginative games. And here’s a winner for you to instigate with your little explorers – building a blanket fort.  Yes, a game as simple as piling blankets and pillows into a little construction in your living room can keep your children enthralled and busy for hours. And as far as fun activities for kids go, this one’s a real win because they can play day and night, and have sleepovers inside their creation.

2. Make homemade pizza

Moods starting to dip? Every mom knows that’s a sign of a rumbly tummy! A hungry child is not a happy child. And if you add boredom to the mix, frustration is almost guaranteed. So if you want to kill two birds with one stone (hunger and boredom), why not get busy in the kitchen? Making home-made pizzas is fun for the whole family, as every member can decide what toppings to use. Your little chefs will love sprinkling cheese on a pizza base, decorating it with toppings, and eating it at the end of the activity. (Because who doesn’t love pizza, right?)

3. Draw a chalk hopscotch course

Want to get your darlings up and active? Here’s a great activity to do with them at home – drawing a chalk hopscotch course on your driveway. Your kids will enjoy drawing the course, and decorating it with little shapes of different colours (like hearts, flowers, rockets etc). And once it’s done, you can use it together, and even create a family game of the course by setting competitions. Hop, hop and away! 

4. Create musical instruments out of recyclables

If your children enjoy craft projects, then this one will have them captivated for hours. Look around in your home for any spare disposable objects your little ones can use for their projects. Then, encourage them to make their own musical instruments using the objects. Fun, right? For example, they can make drums out of old biscuit tins, and maracas out of jars, plastic containers and rice. Family band, here we come!

5. Watch home movies

Fun activities for kids can be fun for older folks too. Watching home movies, for example, is a great way to spend quality time as a family. You can play old baby videos, birthday party clips, wedding footage, and more. The videos will be wonderful conversation starters, sure to have the whole family in stitches of laughter. And not only will the kids have a good time, but you will too – if not more.

Make these fun activities for kids your own

Want to keep your children entertained and full of beans while staying at home? Try out some of these fun activities for kids, and enjoy the family bonding experience. And when your little angels head back to school after a fun few weeks at home, remember stock up on school label supplies from Kidico.