How to Get Kids Up and Active on Chilly Winter Mornings

24 Jul 2019

Every parent knows how hard it can be to wake kids on chilly winter mornings. If your little one is battling to leave their warm and comfy bed to get up for school, you may be wondering how to make the process easier to avoid delays. Today, we’ve got some surprisingly simple tips that should get even the grumpiest of grumps out of bed to face the new day. Keep reading to find out how to wake kids on even the coldest of mornings this winter.

Simple Ways to Wake Kids on Cold Winter Mornings

To take the stress out of slow, sluggish mornings this winter, here are some of our tips to wake kids up in the morning with minimal drama and delays.

Prepare the night before.

Taking the time to have everything ready the night before will help to keep the morning routine as short as possible. Set out uniforms or school clothes and hang them within reach. Make sure that school bags are packed and ready to go. Have scarves, jackets and other warm items ready near the front door. Once your little one wakes, try and reduce the number of steps needed to go from waking to ready for action. Older kids can take responsibility by setting out their own clothing and bags, while younger kids can learn routine with a bit of help.

Label Kids Clothing

Find a fun alarm.

An alarm that plays a happy song or a song your child knows and love can be very effective. Aside from waking your child with a smile, alarms also help kids adjust to a regular morning routine. You could even choose alarm songs together and change songs to keep things interesting. Another way to ensure a happy wake up is to bring in the family dog for an early morning romp on your child’s bed. It’s hard to stay sleepy when there are canine cuddles and plenty of giggles to enjoy.

Plan a yummy breakfast.

Getting breakfast ready before you wake your child can also be motivating. Plan yummy breakfasts that smell good enough to rouse your child from bed – pancakes, chocolate oats and other warm breakfasts all make winter mornings feel far easier. You could change up the menu each day, include special surprises, get input from your child on their favourite dishes or look online for healthy warm breakfast ideas.

yummy healthy breakfast for a child

Use a reward system.

Reward systems are, without a doubt, one of the best ways to motivate kids. Creating a reward chart that begins with getting up on time without tantrums or complaints will help to add extra incentive. There are many ways to use reward charts. In most cases, kids will be able to earn a treat once they have collected a set number of reward stickers. It is best to keep reward treats small and simple, with weekly goals that are relatively easy to follow.

Here at Kidico, we have a large range of reward charts and stickers that will help your kids find motivation, making it far easier to wake kids even on the chilliest of days.