Kids Going to Big School in 2019? Here’s What You’ll Need:

23 Jan 2019

Going to big school is, like, super exciting for any little munchkin. With all the newness and change of routine, it’s understandable that some things are left to the last minute – or forgotten completely. This Kidico article takes a look at a few steps you can take to make your child’s first ‘big school’ experience one that is most enjoyable…

The Uniform

Probably the most important step to preparing your kid for ‘big school’ is to ensure that they have the correct school uniform. Equally important, if you don’t want to keep replacing items of uniform, is to mark your child’s shirts, pants, dresses, skirts and socks with personalised name tags…

Iron-On Clothing Labels

Forget having to sit with needle and thread sewing on name tags to your child’s school clothing. With iron-on name tags, it just got a whole lot easier! Our iron on clothes labels page shares more about how to order and apply these uniform identifiers with ease.


Personalised Shoe Labels

While shirts and socks might end up in a dark corner of the changing room, never to be seen again, you wouldn’t want your little one’s school shoes to follow suit. With personalised school shoe stickers in each shoe, they’ll always find their way back to you!

Swimming Towels

The South African summer lasts well into March, so your little one certainly will be doing a bit of swimming in their first term at big school. You could send a towel with them each time swimming is on the agenda, or you could get them a personalised swimming towel they’ll love!



The Stationery

Pencils, erasers, sharpeners and the like. Like correct uniform, a child going into ‘big school’ needs certain items of stationery to perform their scholarly tasks in the classroom. Stationery, like items of uniform, has a way of diminishing over time. Here’s how to prevent loss of stationery…

Bag Tags

The first thing you’ll want to do is to tag the thing that actually holds all of your child’s stationery – their school bag and pencil bag. With some schools insisting that all students use the same (or similar) school bags, thank goodness there are bag tags to make sure nobody accidentally goes home with your child’s belongings.

Pencil Labels

Goodness knows why, but pencils and pens seem to grow legs and walk out of classrooms across the planet. So, by labeling each and every one of them with pencil labels, you can expect them to make their way back to you (eventually).

Combo Label Packs

Kidico offers amazing prices on our highly popular combo label packs. The essential school starter pack features 140 pencil labels (which can also be used for sharpeners, erasers, scissors, etc.), 30 iron-on clothing labels, 30 small rectangular labels (for books, folders, space cases, lunch boxes, water bottles etc.), 20 shoe labels, and one durable plastic bag tag (with metal key ring). Our Small Rectangular Labels are 100% waterproof and dishwasher safe- #bonus!!!

Name Labels -Essential School Starter Pack

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