Using a Laundry Stamp or Iron On Labels to Label Kids Clothing

04 Jun 2019

If you’re looking for an easy way to label kids clothing that involves no sewing, there are two options that will give you a long-lasting result without any effort. Laundry stamps and iron on labels are both great ways to keep your kids clothing, bags, socks, and other goods safe. In this short guide, we take a look at both of these options to see how they help you label kids clothing quickly and easily.

Simple Ways to Label Kids Clothing

Whether you are not keen on the thought of bringing out cotton and needles, you don’t have a sewing machine or you prefer to add labels to your kid’s clothing all in one batch, here are two of the best ways to label clothing for kids.

Laundry Stamps

Laundry stamps are reusable and cost-effective. At Kidico, you can choose between one line and two line stamps, with kits available that contain stamp, stamp pad, and ink. One line stamps are best for kids with shorter names while two line stamps are recommended for names longer than 14 characters. You can also purchase stamps, ink, and stamp pads separately. We also stock ink refills in case your ink runs out. Stamps are the easiest option to label clothing for kids. With no effort required, beyond going through piles of clothing, placing the stamp in the pad, and carefully stamping onto the fabric.

The ink used for these stamps is designed for fabric, making it washable and long-lasting. For best results, stamp in the neckline of tops and the waistband of pants. You can also stamp on the inside of clothing such as socks, sports clothing, and other fabric clothing. You can use this stamp on any type of fabric and clothing and even items such as swimwear, goggles, towels, and other fabric-based items you want to mark.

How To Use Your Laundry Stamp

  • Ensure all garments are washed before application.
  • Practice on a piece of paper before starting to label clothing.
  • Gently squeeze only a few drops of ink onto your stamp pad to form an even strip as long as your stamp.
  • Items to be marked must be placed on a flat, smooth surface.
  • Lightly ink your rubber stamp evenly on the ink strip. Do not over ink.
  • Press stamp gently onto a double layer of fabric – this works best on the inside neckline of tops and the waistband of pants.
  • Do not roll the stamp from side to side, as it may smudge.
  • Clean excess ink off stamp with a lint free cloth.
  • Allow ink to dry on clothing for 6 hours before washing or wearing.

Laundry stamp

Iron On Labels

Iron on labels take a little more effort than the laundry stamps but there is no sewing involved with these labels either. Instead, all you need is an iron. They can be applied in 20 seconds or less and will stay fixed onto the fabric, wash after wash. This is a cheaper option than the laundry stamps if you do not have a lot of clothing to mark. They come in a pack of 30 labels and they are in all of our bulk label packs – Pre-School Starter Pack, Essential School Starter Pack and School Bulk Pack.

How To Use Your Iron On Labels

  • Set your iron on the COTTON setting. NO STEAM!
  • Remove the name label from the backing paper and place face-up on the garment in the desired position. (Apply labels to clean, DRY clothing only. Make sure the label is ironed onto a flat, smooth area)
  • Separate the white backing from the clear REUSABLE APPLICATION SHEET found in your pack (When you are finished re-attach it to the clear application sheet for future use – this sheet is completely re-usable)
  • Place the CLEAR application sheet sticky side down over the name label. (There is NO need to cut the clear application sheet to the size of your name label, simply place the entire clear application sheet over the label)
  • FIRMLY press the heated iron on the clear application sheet over the label for 10-15 seconds.
  • Allow label to cool to room temperature. Remove the clear application sheet.
  • If you can peel the label off with your fingernail once applied, your iron is not hot enough – Turn the iron up and re-apply it with more pressure for 10-15 seconds.


These labels come with instructions when you buy them so you will be able to apply them easily as soon as you are ready. Although iron on labels require an iron and a very small amount of time, they last a long time and give a smooth, flawless finish if applied properly. These labels usually come in black and white and can be applied to all fabric clothing, just like the stamps.

You will find top quality laundry stamps and iron on labels at Kidico in our online shop. Browse our selection to find easy, quick ways to label kids clothing and much more!