Clothing Stamp

Self-inking Stamps to Label Clothing & Uniforms

Kidico’s NEW Self-inking clothing stamp is the way forward for labeling your child’s clothing! Easier to use, cleaner and faster! Clothing stamps offer an alternative solution to iron on labels or they can be used in conjunction with iron on labels. The ink lasts a long time and it is permanent. The ink colour is black, so we suggest using it on the white satin label in dark clothing or you can order a pack of Iron On Labels to go with your laundry stamp. This will offer you a full circle labeling solution! This particular item contains a stamp, ink and ink pad. The stamp, ink and ink pad can all be replaced separately when necessary.

Which items can your Clothing Stamp be used on?

The clothing stamp can be used on most clothing items, swimming caps & goggles, sports equipment, swimming costumes and anything else you need to make your mark on! We use permanent washable ink to give a crisp clean impression that lasts wash after wash after wash.

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1 x Self-inking Clothing Stamp


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