Resolutions to Make in 2019 as a Family

19 Feb 2019

Resolutions to Make in 2019 as a Family

Family goals are a great way to teach kids how to plan, dream, and take responsibility. Resolutions are not only limited to the New Year, either. You can set your very own resolutions at any time to create a brand new tradition for you and your little ones. As we settle into 2019, now is the perfect time to think about resolutions that will help your family grow over the year to come. Keep reading to get our tips on family goals to make this year.

Try These Family Goals for 2019

Making resolutions as a family offers many benefits, for kids and parents. When you make kids part of making family goals, your small humans get a chance to learn about self-responsibility, discipline, and reflection. At the end of each month, you can talk about what worked and what didn’t work, as well as how things could be done differently. While the goals themselves are also important, it is often the underlying value behind goal-setting that matters the most. Depending on your child’s age, resolutions do not have to be too complicated or difficult. Sticking to just a few resolutions will make it easier for everyone (including you as the parent).

With that in mind, which resolutions should you consider making as a family this year? Let’s take a look.

Spending more time together as a family.

You could look at setting a day of the week to do an adventure together as a family, you could start a fun routine such as after-dinner board games or you could create a new tradition of eating breakfast or dinner together on specific days. For teens and older kids who are starting to get sidetracked by friends, phones, and other distractions, this is an especially good resolution.

Opening up lines of communication.

This may seem obvious, but many families battle to communicate. When everyday life gets busy, it is all too easy to go through the day without saying much more than a few things. If you have kids that are entering puberty, this one is very important. Make it a habit to talk things through, whether it is sharing what happened during the day at work and school or talking about bigger issues or concerns.

Tidying up and packing away.

For younger kids who are starting to learn how to get organised, keeping rooms tidy can require reminding. When parents are also involved, and tools such as star charts are used to offer incentive, it will become a lot easier. Get your child involved with this resolution – set simple goals such as putting toys away at the end of the day or making the bed each morning.

Being healthy together as a family.

This resolution works for all ages. Making health a priority for everyone is a good way to teach kids how to enjoy healthier meals over junk food. It can also be a lot of fun, too. Get kids involved in meal preparation, visit local farmer’s markets or whole food shops, let kids choose fresh fruits and vegetables, experiment with flavours and ingredients, and show them that healthy meals don’t have to be boring.

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