Top 5 Dinner Ideas for Busy Families

23 Feb 2018

The Dilemma

We all know what it is like to have to constantly think of exciting, nutritious, tasty meals that the whole family will eat! If you are anything like we are then you will understand that the “what to have for dinner” struggle is very real. So we have been on a search lately to bring our awesome clients some inspiring dinner ideas. This one is for all the moms (and possibly a few dads) out there who struggle to think of what to make for dinner every night. We have compiled a “Top 5” list of dinner ideas that are child friendly, nutritious and tasty. We hope this helps to inspire you! Click on the links to get the recipes…

3-Veg Mac & Cheese

This one is most definitely one of my personal favourites! Having grown up on mac & cheese at least once a week for dinner, this is still a “comfort food” for me! The great thing about this particular recipe is that it includes some hidden veggies! Who doesn’t LOVE the idea of eating yummy food while still getting in your 5 a day!

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Slow Cooker Chicken Casserole

I am all for one dish cooking and this one certainly delivers! Slow cookers are also the most awesome thing in  the world for busy moms

as you can load everything in to them in the morning and leave them all day and come home to a delicious, nutritious meal. This particular recipe is packed with veggies and

includes baby potatoes. So you can have it as a complete meal OR you could add some rice or mashed potato.

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Classic Lasagne

Who doesn’t love a classic beef lasagne?? This one will appeal to kids and adults alike. It is also an awesome meal to share, so this is great if you are having friends or family over. A good bolognese does take a while to cook. So my suggestion would be to cook a big batch of bolognese over the weekend and then freeze it for multiple

uses during the week. Then all you have to do is defrost your bolognese, make a white sauce and assemble your lasagne.

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Chicken & Mushroom Hotpot

This is a super cool recipe if you are a lover of Woolies Cooked Roast Chicken or if you have leftover roast chicken from Sunday lunch. I love the idea of “cooking smart” by using leftovers or foods that can be bought ready cooked (yes I know…I am a tad lazy when it comes to cooking, but who isn’t these days!). For the veg in this recipe you could also use a ready prepared packet of veg from Woolies, which will make this recipe even easier! It is topped with thinly sliced potatoes (what is there not to love about this one?)

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Easy Fish Cakes

This is a great freezer friendly recipe. You can make these as a quick family meal or make them over the weekend and freeze them for a quick weeknight dinner. Pair these delicious fish cakes with a salad or potato chips (for the kiddies of course!) and you are winning!!

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