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How to ensure your kids never lose their stuff at school again!

How to ensure your kids never lose their stuff at school again!

Did your kid accidentally lose his school lunchbox again? And now you’re scouring the internet to look for a solution?

Don’t stress about it, as parents ourselves – we’ve also been there…
And what we’ve realised is that constantly having to replace lost items every other week is actually costly. And don’t even get us started on receiving calls from the school coach because your child forgot to attend their practice.

In fact, this is normal behaviour. It’s hard for many children who are focused on what they are doing to stop, and think about what they may have forgotten. However, what most parents tend to do to try and remedy the situation is label the lunch box with paper & sellotape and think this will solve all their problems.

But all that tape doesn’t stick on blazers, and it won’t be the water’s best friend when it’s time to wash the lunch boxes & bottles.
So what should you do?
Well, we have the answer – Kidico’s personalised labels to help you stay sane this year.

Bag tags – replacing bags is costly so Kidico’s bag tags are a great way to label their school bags, sports bags, lunch boxes, book bags, keys, prams, instrument cases, and travel bags.

Iron On Clothing Labels – These labels are a perfect solution for labeling your kids’ clothes, school uniforms, and more! These custom iron-on labels can be personalized with your child’s name, making it easy to identify their clothes and avoid mix-ups.

Clothing Stamp – This self-inking stamp is an efficient and convenient way to label clothing and uniforms for busy parents who don’t have time to sew in labels or iron them on. You can stamp most clothing items including school uniforms, swimming caps, goggles, sports gear, and even swimming costumes.

Shoe LabelsWith these shoe labels your little ones will easily recognise their shoes which will help avoid mix-ups with their classmates’ shoes.

Sock Sorters Say goodbye to mismatched socks, oh what a shock! With Kidico’s iron-on sock sorters labels, each pair will find its sole mate, so no more odd sock debates!

Wrap Around Pencil Labels – If you have a large volume of stationery to label – especially small items, Kidico’s pencil labels are the solution for you.

Small Rectangular Labels – One of the most popular items that we sell at Kidico are our Small Rectangular Labels. You can label all your child’s lunch boxes, juice bottles, sports equipment, and more with these waterproof and dishwasher-safe labels.

Lunch Box Love Notes – Other than putting a smile on your children’s face. Kidico’s lunchbox love notes are perfect to remind them of their after-school activities and items they should bring back home. This also helps instill the habit of remembering. There you have it! With Kidico’s range of personalised labels, you can now bid farewell to the hassle of lost items and mix-ups. Whether it’s labelling your child’s school bag, clothes, stationery, or even shoes and socks, Kidico has got you covered.

These high-quality labels are easy to apply and designed to last, saving you time and money in the long run. So go ahead and make life easier for yourself and your little ones with Kidico’s personalised labels – because every parent deserves some peace of mind!

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