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personalised gifts

Make this Christmas exciting with personalised gifts

Oh the joy of Christmas morning. The magic of a twinkling tree, the anticipation of opening presents and the joy of being surrounded by loved ones. Make the day even more special by giving personalised gifts. Give something for the tree, the home and something a little more fun for the whole family. You’ll find the perfect gift for the big and small ones in your life. 

personalised gifts

Great ideas with personalised gifts 

Giving a gift is more special when it comes from the heart – especially when it comes with a unique feature on it. Personalised gifts add a thoughtful gesture and stand out as a special memory for years to come. Explore all the possibilities and get inspired this Christmas.

For the tree 

Spruce up your home with a little something for the tree. Personalise Christmas tree decorations and choose from fun designs like a rainbow, tree or dinosaur. You’ll have lasting memories to cherish each year as you decorate your home and tree with a sentimental gift like this.

For the home

Deck the halls with tender treasures and treat a loved one with thoughtful gifts.

Fridge magnets

Who doesn’t love a handy magnet when you need it? Additionally, a magnet that bears a special memory. Create a cherished memento with fridge magnets. Choose from landscape and portrait designs, upload a special photo and pair it with a caption. Everytime someone passes by the fridge, they won’t be able to help enjoy the special gift.


There’ll never be another squabble over whose towel belongs to who. Help your little one dry off with playful designs like aztec, flamingo, mandala, pirates, squares, or triangles. Get out of a bubble bath or spend a day at the beach – in style. The kiddies in your life will love these special towels and will be sure to take extra care of them. 

Rewards charts and stickers

Give the little one in your life some positive reinforcement. Use a rewards chart to teach a valuable lesson in goals, good behaviour and achievement. Choose and personalise with fantastical worlds of fairy, mermaid, pirate, and transport design options.

For a fashion statement

Lastly, why not give the gift of a special item of clothing. Start a trend in microfashion for the wee ones with adorable personalised baby grows and the whole family with T-shirts. Create a unique look for each individual, or have the whole crew matching magnificently. Family photo ops will become a lot more fun with a group fashion statement.

Get personal with personalised gifts 

We hope you enjoyed and collected some fun, inspired ideas for personalised gifts this Christmas. If you have any questions about products, personalisation or more, contact us.

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