Personalised Reward Chart – Transport Theme

Our brand new Magnetic Reward Charts are the perfect way to motivate your little one at home! They can now be personalised with your child’s name which makes the reward chart extra special to the child! Our magnetic reward chart comes with a pack of easy-peel stickers that can be used on the chart as the actual reward. We have not specified what these rewards are for as parents all have different things that they wish to reward their children for. We feel that this should be up to your discretion as a parent. So feel free to give reward stickers for anything that is applicable to you and your child. The magnetic reward chart can be placed on the fridge where it is easy for both the child and parent to see. When your reward stickers run out you can buy replenishment here.

Wendy Ostroff, author of Understanding How Young Children Learn, shares that motivation is the driving desire behind all action and is the precursor and cornerstone to learning.

“The immediate satisfaction of ‘being good at’ something also has adaptive significance for cognitive growth. To motivate children and keep them primed for the best learning possible, we must understand how motivation to learn develops.”


R181.00 ex. shipping

Item Size for Chart: A4

Item Size Per Sticker: 2cm

Qty Per Pack of Stickers: 98

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