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Lost and Found No More: How to Keep Your Kids’ Belongings Safe and Sound!

Hey moms and dads, did you know that your kiddos lose about a bajillion things every school year? It’s true, their minds are just so busy with all the fun stuff they’re doing that keeping track of their belongings isn’t exactly their top priority.

But fear not, Kidico has some fun tips that will help your little ones remember to bring all their stuff home!

First up, make sure you label EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. From their lunch boxes to their underwear (yep, you heard me right!), sticking their name on their stuff will make it way easier for the lost and found department to reunite you with your lost items. Plus, investing in some cool personalized labels and clothing stamps will save you some serious cash throughout the year.

Kidico has just the items to help you with the above:

Next, teach your kids to be organized by setting up routines and including their things in daily chores. It may take a little bit of nagging (okay, a lot of nagging), but repeating the same thing every day will help them remember what they need to bring home.

Creating a visual checklist and laminating it to put in their school bag is also a great idea. Not only will it help them pack everything they need, but it’ll also develop their organizational skills.

Designating a spot for their belongings is another fantastic idea. Whether it’s a labelled shelf or basket, having a designated spot will make it easier for them to find their stuff and put it away safely.

Last but not least, don’t forget to give your little ones some praise when they bring everything home! Positive reinforcement works wonders, and you can even let them “overhear” you bragging about their success to others.

So there you have it, folks. By following these tips, not only will you save money and your sanity, but you’ll also be helping your kids develop some awesome life skills. And who knows, they may even end up being more organized than you!

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