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Keep track of your baby’s development with adorable milestone keepsake cards

Keep track of your baby’s development with adorable milestone keepsake cards

From that first smile to their first sweet words, there are significant moments of your baby’s first few months you never want to forget. As your baby grows up, you’ll want to be able to look back and remember every detail. To make sure you’ll always have a reminder of those precious moments, you can invest in a pack of milestone keepsake cards to record them. 

Milestone cards are designed to beautifully document your baby’s development from age one month to twelve months. These cards are used to capture those precious memories as they happen and can be looked back on later. 

How can milestone cards be used?

  • Birthday photo props 

Snap your baby’s photos with a milestone card for every monthly birthday. 

  • Capture baby’s firsts

Take photos of those all-important moments like your baby’s first smiles, crawls, and words with a milestone card to complete the picture. 

The perfect gift 

If you’re looking for a unique gift that any parent will appreciate, milestone keepsake cards are your answer. They will help new parents celebrate the new addition to their family in a very special way. 

Get your milestone cards from Kidico

Kidico’s adorable packs of milestone cards contain 12 acrylic cards printed on both sides with laminated gloss vinyl. The front of the cards contains the monthly milestone and the back displays sweet references to baby poems. You can also personalise these cards with your little bundle of joy’s name to make them even more unique.

Our milestone cards are highly durable and resistant to scratches and water spills. Get your milestone keepsake cards from our store now. 

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