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Organisation and labelling kids’ uniforms and extramural attire

As parents, we feel pretty relieved when we’ve bought the school uniform. But that’s the stress-free task! The difficult part is labelling your kid’s clothes when they go back to school.

The most common types of labels for school uniforms and extramural attire are iron-on name labels, fabric labels, and marker pens. Now, there is also a new kid on the block, namely self-inking stamps! This is fast becoming one of the most popular labelling methods because of its convenience and durability.

How does self-inking stamps work?

Self-inking clothing stamps are the way forward for labelling your kid’s clothing! These stamps work by using a tiny built-in ink pad to re-ink itself for each quality impression.

Will the ink wash out after time?

The ink used in self-inking clothing stamps is permanent and can last wash after wash. It is, however, important to gently wash clothing items and take good care when drying them in the tumble dryer. 

Which items can a clothing stamp be used on?

Clothing stamps can be used on most clothing items, including swimming caps and goggles, sports equipment, swimming costumes and anything else. The ink is black, so it is best used on the white satin label in dark clothing.

Can the stamp be personalised?

Yes, you can add your kid’s name and a number or any other text to your ink stamp before placing your order.

Ready to start labelling?

This new school semester, avoid missing clothing items by investing in a durable and easy-to-use clothing stamp. Simply visit our online store and find all the labelling products you need to keep your kid’s belongings safe. 

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