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Labelling school items with kids’ labels

Legible, strong-sticking labels can mean the difference between brand-new clothes lasting throughout the school year versus ending up in the lost-and-found bin. 

Now, there are two questions to consider when it comes to labelling: What should you label and how should you label? School supplies are the first thing that comes to mind: notebooks, stationery, and clothing. It often happens that kids come home without some of their most valuable school supplies. Labels have the function of keeping your kid’s items safe and can even be used to let others know about your kid’s allergies or medical conditions. 

So, how do you label your kid’s school items? Ideally, labels should be easy to use, durable and waterproof. Let’s look at a few label packs that are highly effective in labelling a variety of valuables. 

Kidico’s label packs for school items

Parenting can be hard – there are so many things to consider! Our label packs are designed to make your life easier. Worry about one less thing with these high-quality labels: 

  • School Bulk Pack

This pack contains a bulk supply of vinyl labels for all requirements. The 285 items in the pack includes one bag tag, 20 shoe labels, 25 small circular labels, 60 small rectangular labels, 140 pencil labels, 30 iron-on name tags and 9 large circular labels. These items are enough to label all your kid’s belongings and keep them safe throughout the school year.

  • Essential School Starter Pack

This school starter pack consists of 221 items and is ideal for younger kids in primary school and beyond. You can use this essential pack to label a variety of items, including stationery, clothing, lunch boxes, juice bottles and shoes. The pre-school starter pack is best for kids who do not need pencil labels yet. If you find that this pack does not contain enough labels for you, then you should try the School Bulk Pack.

  • Pre-School Starter Pack

All the labels that you need for your pre-school kid’s items are in this starter pack. It contains 115 items and can be used to label clothing, lunch boxes, bags and more. The only item that this pack does not contain is stationery and pencil labels. 

Get easy-to-use labels for all needs

If you’re looking for a pack of quality labels for your little one’s school items, browse our products. We have labels for every purpose and need. 

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