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Track every milestone as your little one grows

Track every milestone as your little one grows

Kids grow up so quickly and before you know it, they’ve doubled in size! It’s normal to have been either excited or worried about our little one’s growth at some stage. Luckily, with a growth chart, you can keep a close eye on your kid’s height in a fun way. 

Gone are the days of measuring your kid’s height on the walls of your home. Kidico now offers fun growth charts that you can use in the nursery or your kid’s bedroom. Personalised with your little one’s name, you can easily track every milestone as they grow. 

These colourful ruler-style height charts will give you a visual representation of your child’s growth and includes a special section to track the date of your little one reaching a new height milestone.

Remember that children grow at different rates, so it’s normal for weight and height to vary between kids of the same age. But what’s more important is that your child is steadily growing. Now, let’s look at some of the benefits of getting your very own growth chart from Kidico:

  • Personalised chart 

Choose one of five new designs and enter your child’s name for a more personalised chart. Our five designs include:

Height Chart – Reach for the Stars

Height Chart – Love and Sunshine

Height Chart – Sunshine Rabbit

Height Chart – Bunny Cuddles

Height Chart – Sweet Dreams

  • Top-quality 

Our charts are made of a high-quality canvas that will never rip or tear like most vinyl sticker charts. 

  • Repositionable 

With Kidico’s height charts, it is possible to not only move the chart but remove it too! 

  • Save it as a keepsake 

You can keep your growth chart as a memory of when your kid was little and treasure the meaning that it holds for you.

Ready to track your kid’s growth spurts and record height milestone dates with Kidico’s height charts? Start measuring now!

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