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Surprise your little one with a lunch box note at school

When it comes to dropping off your kid at school every day, you’re sure to have some mixed emotions. While you know your little one is busy pursuing their dreams, goals and personal growth, it’s also inevitable that you will miss them. You may have thought of ways to send them reminders of your love. If this sounds like you, there’s an easy way to do it: With cute lunch box notes!  

How do lunch box love notes work?

Lunch box notes are small, colourful notes that you can use to write words of love, encouragement and support to your kid. Then, you simply pop a note in your kid’s lunchbox to remind them that you’re always there for them, even when you’re not side-by-side. Lunch box notes are a time-tested strategy to brighten any kid’s day. Writing them only takes a few minutes, but the impact they make is huge. 

Where can I find lunch box notes?

Kidico manufactures a range of colourful lunch box notes each with a cute image and loving or supportive message printed on them. These notes also have blank spaces for you to write your own personal message. Each pack contains 24 matt notes for you to write your message on, in addition to 6 cute message stickers.

A simple but powerful act of love 

Popping in a little note along with a lovingly-made lunch box is a simple but powerful way to stay connected to your little one while they’re at school. School can be a mix of fun and challenges but pulling out a special note from mommy or daddy can help your kid brighten up on the inside to help support them through the rest of the school day. Get your lunch box notes from Kidico now

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