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Let's face it - back to school 2019 is something most of us will only really think about either late in 2018, or a day or two before school starts in the new year. It's known as the 'back to school rush', where frantic moms and dads across the nation descend upon shopping centers and school uniform outlets trying desperately to get the last few items on their child's itinerary for the

Most modern parents and teachers will use one of two techniques to motivate their children or students. The first method relies on negative consequences, as in no TV for a week if you don’t pass. The second method uses positive affirmations, as in you did a good job, and next time you’ll do even better. There’s little doubt as to which method of motivation is better for a child’s development, and

If you’re like most South African parents, you’re either terribly frightened or overly excited about the winter school holidays. The fearful worry about what their kids can do to pass the time while on vacation, while the excited are more than likely waiting to drop their little one’s off at Aunty Margery’s house for some much-needed parental alone time. Either way, a school holiday is the perfect chance to recollect, refresh

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