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Birthday Theme Ideas for Kids Parties Struggling to think up kids birthday party themes that you know your little one will love? For parents, coming up with theme ideas is not always as easy as it seems. Your child may be going through a superhero phase one moment, only to suddenly be loving something completely different the next moment. With that said, there are a few ideas that will never get old.

Resolutions to Make in 2019 as a Family Family goals are a great way to teach kids how to plan, dream, and take responsibility. Resolutions are not only limited to the New Year, either. You can set your very own resolutions at any time to create a brand new tradition for you and your little ones. As we settle into 2019, now is the perfect time to think about resolutions that will

Going to big school is, like, super exciting for any little munchkin. With all the newness and change of routine, it’s understandable that some things are left to the last minute – or forgotten completely. This Kidico article takes a look at a few steps you can take to make your child’s first ‘big school’ experience one that is most enjoyable… The Uniform Probably the most important step to preparing your kid for

Let's face it - back to school 2019 is something most of us will only really think about either late in 2018, or a day or two before school starts in the new year. It's known as the 'back to school rush', where frantic moms and dads across the nation descend upon shopping centers and school uniform outlets trying desperately to get the last few items on their child's itinerary for the

Most modern parents and teachers will use one of two techniques to motivate their children or students. The first method relies on negative consequences, as in no TV for a week if you don’t pass. The second method uses positive affirmations, as in you did a good job, and next time you’ll do even better. There’s little doubt as to which method of motivation is better for a child’s development, and

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